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Inspection of your property for handicap compliance is a very important matter. Starting from your parking lot, to your walkways, doors, bathrooms, and more – companies are sued daily for lack of ADA Compliance (lack of disability access) and are subjected to a potential $4,000 fine per lack of access. Hiring a professional CASp to review your property is extremely important regardless if you are buying, currently own, or know someone in either situation. Call today for a free quote – (714) 500-7901.

ADA Parking Lot Striping & Inspection

When it comes to parking lot ADA Compliance, providing adequate signage, stripes, curbs, down to the size of cracks in the pavement – these are all items that must be address by a (CASp) Certified Access Specialist AND fixed by a professional parking lot striping company. Typically these are two different companies, with ADA-Striping – you get everything fixed and inspected under one umbrella. We work with a select team of American with Disability Act Inspectors as well as architects and ADA construction companies. 

All commercial properties with access to the public should be reviewed by a CASp. Starting with your parking lot – when any individual living in a wheelchair, cannot find handicap parking, the spaces arent big enough, or there are barriers to your business, can sue. 

Additionally, if your walkways do not have hand-rails at the correct height, wheelchair ramps, or if your doorways are too heavy to open – you can be liable for a lawsuit. 

Additionally within your business, customers must have access to your bathrooms, walkways, and more – like everyone else has access to on an equal level. 

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How we can help you with ADA Inspection & Striping

Hiring a professional CASp to review your property before you purchase, begin construction, or are currently being sued – is a great idea. Using a company who is a licensed ADA surveyor is the first step in mitigating any potential lawsuit for your parking lot and or commercial building. Properties who do not make any effort to upgrade their facilities, and are sued – will most likely lose in a court battle. Companies who show they have made the appropriate effort to update their facilities for ADA-Compliance, will do better if taken to court.


Getting Sued for Lack of ADA Compliance

Yes it happens! People are suing facilities who are not ADA-Compliant. Sadly, some are making a business out of suing small business who are often forced to close their doors due to the extensive cost in ADA lawsuits and the construction cost to revamp the building to match the ADA-code. Make the safest call you can today to learn how you can mitigate this risk – (714) 500-7901

General Requirements
§ 36.201 General.
(a) Prohibition of discrimination. No individual shall be discriminated against on the basis of disability in the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of any place of public accommodation by any private entity who owns, leases (or leases to), or operates a place of public accommodation.
(b) Landlord and tenant responsibilities. Both the landlord who owns the building that houses a place of public accommodation and the tenant who owns or operates the place of public accommodation are public accommodations subject to the requirements of this part. As between the parties, allocation of responsibility for complying with the obligations of this part may be determined by lease or other contract.

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